The Slouch In The Couch

(Slouchbook #1)

Softcover, full color. ISBN# 1401090249    $13.99

Hardcover, full color, ISBN# 1413441378   $15.99              


Never Jump On A Grump

(Slouchbook #2) 

Softcover, full color. ISBN# 1413410057    $17.99

Hardcover, full color, ISBN# 1413443249   $23.99


The Stinkells in Stankwell

(Slouchbook #3) 

Softcover, color. ISBN# 978-1-42577-290-1    $15.99

Hardcover, color. ISBN# 978-1-42577-291-8   $25.99



The Adventures of

Tom Sawyer                                       $16.79

Hardcover, ISBN #0670869848


Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

(Tom Sawyers Comrade)                   $11.16

Paperback, 451 pages, ISBN# 0520055209


The Cat In

The Hat                                                $11.99

Library Binding. ISBN# 0394900014



Mayzie                                                 $15.99

Library Binding.  ISBN# 0679967125


Green Eggs

& Ham                                                  $11.99

Library Binding.  ISBN# 0394900162


Horton Hears

A Who                                                  $15.99

Library Binding.  ISBN# 0394900782


How The Grinch

Stole Christmas                                  $19.04

Hardcover.  ISBN# 0394078454



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